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More than 800 organizations have purchased our digital planetarium systems—far more than any other brand.

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Real World Experience

Our innovations are grounded upon a unique blend of technical expertise and real-world astronomy education experience. Many of our staff have overseen planetariums and we operate an on-site fixed planetarium for our local community. We know what's important, and what works.

We're Here for You

Have questions or need help with your system? Dedicated US support staff can assist you by phone or email.


Our quality is unmatched by any competing products. Our proprietary fisheye lenses are a competitive advantage, with sharp focus, high contrast, and minimal color separation.

We design our lenses, our own simulation software, our own system frames and enclosures, our own domes, even our own dome duffel—because nothing else out there meets our standards.

And with our reasonable prices you don't have to settle for anything less.

Best Usability

Our unique Digitarium remote control and Universal Console™ iPad or desktop interfaces are the easiest to learn and use. Spend more time focused on your students rather than your system.

Our portable systems take only minutes to set up and take down so that you can spend your time where it is most effective.

Excellent usability minimizes operator training costs and makes use a joy rather than a headache.

Best Value

No other systems come close to matching our unique combination of usability, features, projection quality, product support, and affordable pricing.

A lot of systems sound great on paper, until you actually try to view the distorted and fuzzy projection, or use an intimidating nested pulldown menu interface. We recommend that you talk to other planetarians you trust before making a decision, and if at all possible try out competing systems in person.

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