The Digitarium SkyBox is an easily portable, stand-alone computer designed to complement or substitute for a full-dome planetarium system. In this time of pandemic related restrictions, this can be a way to still make shows available and get development and training work done. It is a more affordable option to start out with than a full planetarium system.

What does the SkyBox do?

  • Runs Nightshade NG and other Digitarium planetarium system software.
  • Allows you to teach outside the dome on a flat screen.
  • Allows you to stream programs to audiences anywhere, any time.
  • Provides a practice environment for your presenters when your dome is not available to them (such as at home).
  • Facilitates developing and testing StratoScript software scripts and (if applicable) Augmented Lessons when your system is unavailable.
  • If you already have a Digitarium system for your dome, your SkyBox licenses will mirror your control computer licenses (Universal Console, data sets, etc.) for a full test environment.
  • Can be a way to raise awareness and funds for a full planetarium system, with the potential to reuse your SkyBox in the final system.

Please request a demo so we discuss your particular needs.